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About Us

Creating a memorable and unique vacation experience

ILIF hotels and resorts is a hotel chain based in Maharashtra with a network of about 50 franchised and leased hotels, resorts, and vacation properties with approximately 500+ rooms. We operate hotels ranging from upscale to economy. Every hotel has a special character and tells its own story. Most often you will meet us in a unique and carefully renovated building.

We aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and offer you all the modern amenities you need alongside a friendly environment. All our rooms and hotel properties needed to meet certain quality standards and offer amenities like air conditioning, swimming pool, wifi connectivity, standard toiletries, parking area, CCTV camera, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and in house restaurant. Most of our properties are located in close vicinity to the tourist attractions, city markets, and business hubs. We believe that the atmosphere of the hotel should be healthy and this will only happen when there is greenery in and around the hotel, natural light should come to the hotel spaces, cleanliness, service, and safety should be well taken care of. Almost all our hotels fulfill the above-stated requirements.

So why wait, go ahead and choose from a wide selection of ILIF hotels in Maharashtra and find hotel rooms that are perfect for any occasion. Great Locations, comfy AC rooms, warm staff behavior, 24*7 support, great Price, and the best amenities.




 We know our efforts can have an impact on our environment. Through our hotel to be green initiative program, we promote environmentally friendly practices throughout the hotel system. We want our hotel owners to know that—together—we can move and take a step in reducing energy and water consumption and make an enormous impact on the environment.